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Forum Category: General Dentistry

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Tyler Hanks

The Power of the Cloud in Dentsitry

Cloud computing has invaded the business world in dramatic fashion during the last ten years. What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is “a type of Internet-based computing, where different services — such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to an organization's computers and devices through the Internet” (webopedia.com, n.d.). More and more corporations are using the cloud to enhance the user experience and facilitate company-wide, real-time processing. Healthcare organizations, until recently, have been relatively slow to take advantage of the cloud. IBM Watson has developed a powerful application, GenieMD, that uses the cloud to help patients and family caregivers to manage their health in a revolutionary manner.

GenieMD claims the “world’s most powerful personal healthcare assistant” by tacking, storing, and sharing your health profile in an easy-to-use cell phone app. GenieMD is free to download and exhibits the following exciting features: medication management and adherence, personal health history, healthcare provider directories, exercise routine tracker, disease and condition manager, symptom checker, daily healthy “to do” lists, and emergency contact lists. GenieMD is just one example of the healthcare field using the power of the cloud to place the patient at the center of treatment. The main screen on GenieMD has the patient’s picture in the middle of a circle of links to specific healthcare providers used by that patient. For example, the patient could be encircled by links including: a pharmacist, a primary care physician, a case manager, home-care nurse, an emergency contact, a social worker, and a spouse or family member. This is where the field of Dentistry needs to play a role.  

A general dentist and other necessary dental specialists should be included in the patient’s circle of healthcare providers on GenieMD. Another option that Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health have explored is to develop a separate platform that interacts with GenieMD. This separate platform is called GenieMD Oral Health, and it’s also currently available for download in the apple store for free. Using the cloud for interdisciplinary collaboration is the future of dentistry and medicine. Placing the patient at the center of dental and medical treatment by using real time information to enhance their health experience has some exciting possibilities! We have an amazing opportunity to be pioneers in this new age of practitioner and patient communication through the cloud. Feel free to try out GenieMD (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geniemd/id544369883?mt=8) and GenieMD Oral Health in the apple store!  

What do you think about the role of the cloud in dentistry?  

Webopedia.com (n.d.). Cloud computing (the cloud). Retrieved from http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/C/cloud_computing.html 


GenieMD (n.d.). The world’s most powerful personal healthcare assistant. Retrieved from http://www.geniemd.com/app-overview.shtml 

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The Power of the Cloud in Dentsitry

11:19 PM | Oct 12,2015
Thanks so much for the responses Daniel and Qibeto. You both make an excellent and very important argument about the safety of using the cloud in dentistry. There is always the danger of having personal information stolen when using any device on the internet or cloud. The online industry has evolved to make purchasing items online more secure. I believe the same kind of evolution is necessary in the dental field. Banks have adapted to the consumers demand to have everything immediately on an app. How much personal information does a bank have? Bank account numbers, social security numbers, addresses, names, etc… The list goes on and on but companies are building the necessary technology to meet the demands of the consumer. Shying away from technology and the demands of the general public due to safety concerns is like not driving a car due to safety concerns. If patients and dentists alike demand the need for cloud based dentistry, then groups of individuals and companies will race to make secure platforms to meet those demands. The cloud is already being used in the Medical and Dental field, it’s just a matter of time until cloud based dentistry becomes the norm.

The Power of the Cloud in Dentsitry

06:42 PM | Jun 16,2015
I definitely see the potential and even inevitability of "dentistry in the cloud", but I have to say I also agree with qibeto that there are many risks involved with keeping so much personal information on the cloud. It is honestly hard to even understand how detrimental it could be to someone to have the intimate details of their medical history in the hands of a stranger. On the other hand, this technology is where we are heading as a society. People want the convenience of information anywhere, anytime and even when informed of the risks are probably more concerned about ease of access. It puts us in a tough spot. I mean, do we accept a little risk to make it more convenient for our patients or do we make the decision for them that it is not safe enough yet? Hopefully more solutions with better security and lower risks will soon come into the picture...

The Power of the Cloud in Dentsitry

02:09 PM | May 03,2015
I think that electronic medical records is a great way to manage healthcare records and shift away from paper chart record keeping however the controversy lies in the fact that today hacking is a huge issue. These clouds are being penetrated by outside sources with the intent to use personal information for their own benefit. Once the information is accessed there is no telling how far it can go. When a person's personal information is compromised, to include one's social security number it can follow the individual for the rest of their life. That being said, my further concern of "cloud computing" is that there should be mandatory 24 hour security monitoring that can analyze when the cloud is being attacked by outside sources and this security must be able to shut down the cloud when vulnerable or eliminate the threat immediately. Only then will I agree that such utilization of this cloud storage technique is worth the associated risk.