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Forum Category: Practice Administration

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Henry Jones

Growing a Practice

I have found that using techniques such as local search marketing, pay per click advertising, and search engine optimization has been a highly effective and incredibly cheap way to boost my practice’s growth. These techniques are very simple and essentially cost-free. They help to increase your business’ network of patients by getting your name out there on the internet. In addition to these, I have used facebook, myspace, and twitter, each yielding great success and impressive results as far as my patient base is concerned. I think it is great that dentists no longer need to rely solely on word of mouth or extremely expensive newspaper/magazine/television advertisements to spread the word about their business. Many of these techniques are described in the Practice Administration articles section of this very website, I highly recommend you read up on them.

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Growing a Practice

08:14 PM | Apr 05,2017
These are some outstanding points and I think that in today's society we can absolutely rely on social media as our main form of marketing and advertising. This is a quick and simple way for people to look up information on a practice, see comments from other patients, and even comment themselves. With the simplicity it offers patients, it also has great benefits for the dentist. Its free with easy upkeep, and it is very easy to follow up with. Keeping up a website can be very tedious and time consuming, while social media lends a very simple option for all. The only downfall to this option is that it isn't a very personal option. Word of mouth seems to me to be a more meaningful form of marketing, but unfortunately it's not as fool proof or reliable as social media can be in the right hands.

Growing a Practice

08:19 AM | Mar 09,2016
Thank you for this post. Although I do agree that social media has advanced the way dentists advertise and attract new patients, I don't think it is the "end all" for promoting healthcare. With so many options of Groupon and LivingSocial deals now, as dentists, we need to balance simply selling dentistry as another retail commodity versus truly providing healthcare - something that is priceless is dollar sense. Sure, there are services we can provide that are purely cosmetic and would fall under the category of a luxury, but the majority of the services we provide are a health service that shouldn't be identified with as an option. I would prefer to have a referral come into my office through word of mouth, than through a fancy website or Groupon deal I created.

Growing a Practice

09:56 PM | Dec 19,2015
Thanks for this forum post it’s informative and encouraging as a third year dental student looking to use social media to grow my own future practice. I wonder if you’ve had much success using an online referral or review system to grow your practice? From my experience as a dental assistant for over three years, it seemed like referrals and good reviews helped build our patient base. I helped a pediatric dental practice start from just a few patients to a full schedule in a 6 month period. We did a lot of door to door invitations in the beginning just so the town would know we existed. Then, we started to use an online referral and review system and things seemed to really take off. There are so many free opportunities on the internet to grow a practice! It’s exciting to think of the possibilities!

Growing a Practice

08:48 AM | Nov 29,2014
Social media is indeed a blessing. For example, creating a website these days have never been easier. There are free platforms online that allow you to design your own website. Even if you don't have background in HTML or coding, you can use sites like wix.com or weekly.com, to make a website that can help potential patients learn more about your practice. If you can make a PowerPoint presentation, you can also design a website!

Growing a Practice

06:06 PM | May 02,2012
I saw on your facebook page that a new podcast will soon be added to talk about social media and its role. Do you use this at all as part of your plan?

Growing a Practice

04:40 PM | Apr 08,2011
I for one can not wait to implement all of the newly available free publicity mediums that you mentioned. After hearing about what Kevin Smith is doing for his new movie, I feel like social media is the new frontier of marketing/advertisement, and best of all it doesn’t cost a dime! I’m so excited that as a new dentist I will get to be the one to test these new waters for future generations. It is a little scary, since I don’t really know how it will turn out and there are no real tests done yet, but I am confident that using these outlets along with some more conventional advertisement techniques will ensure my success.