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Using and Incorporating Xylitol in the Dental Practice

An Interview with Dr. John Bruinsma

Learning Objectives:

This podcast is an interview with Dr. John Bruinsma on the effects and use of xylitol. After hearing this podcast, the listener should:

  • Know what xylitol is, how it is delivered, and how it positively affects three of the “manageable” pathologic conditions that lead to dental decay.
  • Be ready to inform future patients about ways in which they can get xylitol

As you may know, xylitol is an all-natural, simple sugar substitute that has been shown to decrease bad bacteria in the oral environment, replenish saliva, and replace unhealthy or sugary snacks in a patient’s diet, all of which are considered pathologic causes of dental decay.  In this interview with Dr. Bruinsma, we explore the use and effects of xylitol, delivery methods, and the expanding ways in which xylitol is used in today’s dental practice.

*Dr. Bruinsma is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He currently owns and operates a private practice with his wife, Debra, a registered dental hygienist. He also owns and operates Dr. John’s Candies, a company that produces and distributes xylitol candies and snacks.

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