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Student Loans & Debt: Part I

Introduction, Payment Assistance Programs, & Best Loan Practices

Learning Objectives:

This is Part I of our 2 part podcast interview with Mitchell D. Weiss, a financial advisor and experience financial services industry executive. After hearing this podcast, the listener should:

  • Understand a little more about student debt, including the differences between student loans and “regular” public loans.
  • Learn some new methods for dealing with large amounts of debt.

One of the biggest issues facing dental students in the United States today is student loans and debt. Student loans in the United States have spiraled somewhat out of control over the past several decades, and have reached a point today where the average dental student will graduate with approximately $130,000 in debt. Today on THE NEXT DDS Podcast, we speak with Mitchell Weiss, an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Hartford, and published author of a line of books about debt management. Mr. Weiss is also an experienced financial services industry executive and entrepreneur who has dedicated a significant amount of time over the past several years lecturing and speaking specifically about the subject of student debt and loan repayment. He is a frequent contributor to recognized sites such as Credit.com, the Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. In part one of this podcast, we speak with Mitch about student loans, specifically the best ways to acquire student loans, government programs that might assist with repayment, and differences between student loans and “regular” public bank loans. Be sure to check out Part II of this podcast for specific examples related to dental students, and other helpful information about debt and loans by following the link provided at the bottom of this page.

*Adjunct professor of finance, University of Hartford. Author, experienced financial services industry executive, owner and operator of commercial finance companies, CEO of management consulting practice in Connecticut.

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