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Luxation Injuries

Definition and Classification

Learning Objectives:

This podcast reviews the various types of and treatment modalities for dentoalveolar traumatic injuries. Upon listening to this podcast, the listener should:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of individual hard and periodontal tissue injuries
  • Have an awareness of the various modes of periodontal healing

Luxation traumatic injuries affect the hard tissues and may involve periodontal tissues in severe cases. Periodontal healing must be considered during treatment of traumatic injuries that result in total luxation of the teeth. Pulpal healing is essential for the endodontic prognosis of a reimplanted tooth, as well as for its periodontal healing. Luxation injuries can be further classified as intrusive, extrusive, and/or lateral; this categorization further facilitates the mode of splinting and repositioning utilized during treatment. This podcast reviews various types of dento-alveolar traumatic injuries and discusses commonly incorporated treatment modalities.

*Clinical professor, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.

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