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THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

This is the Spring 2017 issue of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

Features in this issue include:

Partnership On Your Journey Into The Profession

Read this review of THE NEXTDDS Live Event series in Baltimore, Chicago, and Ann Arbor that covered topics like successful associateships, building mentor relationships, and managing your finances.

Medications For Oral Complications

Oral complications are encountered daily in clinical practice. While there are numerous prescriptions available, one must be aware of the various positive and negative side effects that may arise.

Unlocking Keys To Financial Wellness

If young dentists aren’t smart with their salary and spending money, it might spell disaster. Dr. Carlson shares three important principles for future dentists to achieve financial stability.

Clear Pathway To Success

THE NEXTDDS sat down with Dr. Bianca Velayo to discuss her exploration of the DSO model and her pathway to becoming an owner dentist, two years removed from graduation.

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

This is the Fall 2016 issue of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

Features in this issue include:


THE NEXTDDS wants to make life after dental school easier. Look at how we aimed to ease this transition with seven networking events this past Fall season.

Experience Wanted - Dental Students Seek Additional Training

The Next Media Group conducted a survey of 2016 graduates finding that majority of the graduates are looking for extra guidance after graduation.

Serving Those Who Served Us - Day of Patient Care

MWUCDM dental students develop their clinical skills while treating our nation’s veterans, thanks to a day supporting the Aspen Dental Healthy Mouth Movement.

Preparation Design & Accurate Impressions

See how Dr. Bernard Touati demonstrates preparation requirements and the role of an accurate impression to restorative outcomes for CAD/CAM full-coverage crowns.


THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

This is the Spring 2016 issue of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine.

Features in this issue include:

Dental Students Expand Patient Access to Care

For many, dentistry involves a mechanical and an emotional component. Dental students use outreach programs and other projects in an effort to provide care to patients in need.

The Perils of Private Practice

Graduating dental students often set their sights on practice ownership. But how do you go about the process?

Surgical and Restorative Aid of 3D Printed Models for Implant Placement

How can a presurgical 3D printed model be a valuable aid for implant planning and placement? Dr. Arshin Hotchandani and colleagues from NYUCD discuss in this case presentation.

Best Practices for Managing Iatrogenic Root Perforations

Over 24 million endodontic procedures are performed in the U.S. each year. Read the principles for managing iatrogenic root perforations using the latest techniques and materials.

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

This is the Fall 2015 issue of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine.

Features in this issue include:

Interprofessional Education

The new standard in dental school curriculums is intertwining dental knowledge with that of other health specialties with the goal of better serving public health needs. 

Pick Your Path--What is a DSO?

A look at the benefits of joining a DSO-supported practice for new dental professionals.

Management of an Endodontic Failure without Surgery

A review of factors the contribute to endodontic failures and a description of the techniques used to manage them. Check out the accompanying video here!

The Mouth-Body Connection

How your patients' mouths can tell you a lot about their overall health.



THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

This is THE NEXTDDS | Magazine Spring 2015 Edition. Features in this issue include:


Posterior Direct RBC Restorations 

A highly visual review of techniques and best practices for your resin-based composite Class I and Class II restorations.

Goin' to Kathmandu
NYU College of Dentistry provides preventive and corrective care to children and adults in the Tinchuli neighborhood of Kathmandu.

Bleachorexia and Protecting Your Patients' Smiles
The recent obsession with whiter teeth has caused an unnatural effect on many patients' smiles, often destroying their enamel with overbleaching.

Nonsurgical Management of Endodontic Failures
A detailed focus on endodontic retreatment using contemporary instrumentation and step-by-step case study.  



THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine Fall 2014 / Volume 4 / Issue 2 

This is the fall 2014 edition of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine. Features in this issue include:

Get Connected! An in-depth look at social media and its possible effects on your future dental practice.

A Temple Student's Mission: Oral health intervention for a Peruvian orphanage.

The WaveOne Technique: A single-file approach for predictable endodontic canal instrumentation.

Learning the Drill: Creating and sticking to a budget as a new dental professional.

THE NEXTDDS Feature Interview with Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry.

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine Spring 2014 / Volume 4 / Issue 1

This is the spring 2014 edition of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine. Features in this issue include:
Flipped Dental Education: Innovations in e-learning and online education solutions
Corporate Citizenship in Dentistry: how various dental corporations partnered with the ADA to promote Give Kids a Smile
Navigating the Sea of Student Debt: making the best decisions when it comes to managing your loans and debt
10 Ways to Make Time for Exercise without interrupting your busy schedule
THE NEXTDDS feature interview with Dr. Chanelle Small, 2002 Howard University graduate and specialty practice owner in midtown Manhattan

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS Magazine: Fall 2013 

This is the fall 2013 edition of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine. Features in this issue include:

Going Pro: Making the transition from student to professional,

Give Kids a Smile events from around the country,

An interview with oral cancer surviving dental student Uyen Nguyen about her Oral Cancer Awareness 5k at NOVA Southeastern University,

and an interview with dental student leader, Jenna Hatfield-Waite.

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS Magazine: Fall 2012 

This is the fall 2012 edition of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine. Features in this issue include:

Technology in the Classroom: How technology is affecting the way students work and learn,

an explanation of Dental Match Day with dental student Matthew Ronconi,

Tips for Managing Student Debt, an issue close to the hearts of all dental students, an interview with Dr. Robert Geiman,

and a School Research Spotlight featuring current activities underway in the school's leading institutions.

THE NEXTDDS | Magazine

THE NEXTDDS Magazine: Fall 2011 

This is the fall 2011 edition of THE NEXTDDS | Magazine. Features in this issue include:

The adoption of mobile technology in the classroom and around the world (The World Just Got Smaller),

tips for Selecting the Ideal Associateship for you,

5 Things You Should Know to Hit the Ground Running in dental school,

Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen (health tips),

and a feature interview with former ASDA President, Tim Moriarity.