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Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about THE NEXT DDS 

Who is THE NEXT DDS for?

THE NEXT DDS has been expressly designed for D1 – D4 dental students as well as recent graduates of dental school. It features instructional resources (eg, procedural videos, scientific articles, technical animations, practice exams, clinical photos) that compliment your classroom and clinical instruction and help prepare you for transition into the daily practice of dentistry.

Is there any cost to join THE NEXT DDS?

No, there are no fees--join for free by simply clicking the Enroll tab.

How do I get started in THE NEXT DDS?

To join your fellow students within THE NEXT DDS, simply click the Enroll tab and complete your profile. Registration is fast and simple!

With what platform(s) is THE NEXT DDS compatible?

Whether you use a PC or MAC, THE NEXT DDS will provide access to a robust set of features on expanding topics of interest that include clinical techniques and innovative technologies, as well as financial, licensure, and practice management, to name just a few.

What is the best browser to use for THE NEXT DDS?

Safari 5, Firefox 3.6.x, and Chrome 6 or 7 provide an ideal browsing experience. Internet Explorer 7 or 8 may also work well.

From where do the contents of THE NEXT DDS originate? 

Leading educators and recognized authorities in the field of dentistry are supporting THE NEXT DDS to ensure the feature articles, procedural videos, and related site contents meet acceptable educational standards. As a member of THE NEXT DDS user community, you too can post and share contents on the portal. THE NEXT DDS enables you to be an active participant in the educational process.

Has THE NEXT DDS content been reviewed and verified?

Yes. All contents for THE NEXT DDS is designated, developed, reviewed, and approved by a group of educators who volunteer their time to support you as future dental professionals.

How does one of my professors join the Academic Advisory Board for THE NEXT DDS?     

We welcome nominations for THE NEXT DDS Academic Advisory Board. Contact information (and curriculum vitae if available) for prospective candidates should be forwarded to Richard Groves (rgroves@thenextmediagroup.com) for processing among the appropriate representatives of the Board.

Will my personally identifiable information be secure in THE NEXT DDS?

Your privacy is important to us. Personal data you provide within THE NEXT DDS will be secure and comply with our terms of use and privacy policy.

When was THE NEXT DDS | Mobile released to dental students?     

In Fall 2011, THE NEXT DDS | Mobile was released to dental students across the U.S. THE NEXT DDS | Mobile is compatible with the Apple iPhone platform, the Blackberry Storm2 9550, the MotorolaDroidX, and the MotorolaDroid2--and more models will be added to this platform soon! THE NEXT DDS | Mobile includes all of the great content posted to the full site and puts this information right in the palm of the users' hands where they need it most.

How can I post new events and activities to the calendar for my school?     

Each school group within THE NEXT DDS is controlled by an Administrator who can add all relevant activities to the Group calendar. Whether an interesting lecture, community outreach activity, class/exam date, or fundraising event, this Administrator can update the calendar for the entire group. Persons interested in serving as the Administrator for a given school should contact THE NEXT DDS at rgroves@thenextmediagroup.com to have permissions established accordingly.

How is my personal information secured within THE NEXT DDS?

Dental students' personal information is protected by an SSL protocol established by Symantec Corporation, who provides similar safeguards through its partnerships with global leaders such as Microsoft, ntel, Dell, IBM, Accenture, Facebook, and more.

Is there an iPhone or iPad app for THE NEXT DDS?
THE NEXT DDS app for the iPhone or iPad is presently in development, but has not yet been released to the Apple App Store. The website, however, can be browsed on your mobile device using a web browser just like on your computer.
I've recently graduated. How do I continue using THE NEXTDDS?
If you've recently graduated and your school email address has been discontinued, don't worry! While THE NEXTDDS requires a functioning school email address (.edu) in order to confirm that enrollees are dental students, simply update your profile's email to a personal/professional account (such as Gmail) in order to continue using THE NEXTDDS. Contact rgroves@mindspanonline.com for more info.