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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

Lighting the Fire for Future Dentists

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    I am proud to be a future dentist. I love the field that I have chosen, and cannot wait to work alongside the many amazing men and woman currently practicing dentistry around the world. Knowing that I am about to join a strong, smart, well-respected profession inspires me to work harder and continue to bring honor to the field. Unfortunately, not all clinicians contribute fully toward the growth of the profession, and I believe we should do our best to fix this. By building excitement for the field of dentistry and contributing to dental education, I think we can recruit the best students and continue to expand the dental field in a positive way.


    One way we can build excitement for our scope of practice is by hosting simulation days at colleges that help students see what goes on in a dental school. These can give students hands-on experience that they may otherwise never encounter. Almost all students that are interested in dentistry shadow at operating dental offices, but very few get the chance to actually operate a handpiece before they enter school. During a “simulation clinic day,” prospective students can get the chance to truly be a dental student for the day. They could hear advice from current students, ask questions, and get acquainted with a school they may attend in the future. These events can really inspire students and give them something to strive for throughout their undergraduate careers.


    Along with simulation days, I feel that it is very important for current practicing dentists to promote excitement toward their field. By venturing out into schools and raising awareness for dental health, we can get students thinking about the impact they can have as a future dentist. Another way we can promote our profession is by attending events such as career fairs and other health-related symposiums. Involvement in our communities and schools are great ways to raise interest in dentistry.


    Although it is not widely promoted, I should stress the impact you can have by contributing to dental education. We can have first-hand involvement in molding and shaping the future of our profession. This may be the best way to ensure that we continue to have wonderful clinicians practicing and also create passion for the field. I know I have gained so much love and excitement for my future job by engaging in conversations; learning from and observing my outstanding faculty. By sharing your love for dentistry with current dental students, you can really have an impact on how they practice in the future.


    There are so many ways we can share our love of dentistry with the world, and I believe that in order to keep this profession great we should pass our knowledge along to those after us. Supporting and participating in community events, putting on simulation days, and getting involved in dental education are just a few ways we can keep this passion for dentistry growing.