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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

The Plight of the Fourth Year Dental Student

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During my fourth year I felt as though there was this overall expectation of excitement because the end is near! There is this perception that finalization of the 4 year curriculum of studying and sacrifice equates to happiness and success! While there may be some truth to this for some, this is not always the truth for all. Lately, I have been meditating and trying to gain an understanding of why one person may be truly happy verses others who are not and I have realized a few things. The areas of spirituality, organization and a purpose plan contribute greatly to ones perspective of moving forward and thus... if you make the CHOICE to embrace your current position in life, you can aim for true happiness in your career and overall life.


Closing a major chapter of one’s life and opening a new one can be exciting to some, while extremely scary for others. Yeah, we all know that as dentists we will be fine financially but everyone is not always motivated by money. This is where spirituality can be enlightening. The term spirituality can be touchy in this world because people automatically default to religion. I am in no way discussing religion. When I mention the term spirituality I am speaking on an internal source of who you determine your higher power is and the personal relationship that you have with that “source.” It is with that source that you find inner peace because of the constant interactions that you have with that source. Prayer, meditation, etc help you release the stress of the world and mentally you can move forward with an understanding that whatever happens next, you will be taken care of by that higher power.


People who are organized always seem to be less stressed. They have their calendars with all important days highlighted and they check it over and over again to make sure that they get things done. This has certainly been my year of the “to do list.” The problem is that I feel like there is so much to do with time literally getting shorter to achieve these things with each passing day! The key is to organize your thoughts. Write things down and/or enter them into your google calendar and pace yourself so that you hit all of the important major deadlines before time if not on time! There are several things to consider so make sure that you cover all of your bases prior to graduation and beyond.


A “purpose plan” is a plan that you make prior to graduating to determine what you plan to do in the foreseeable future that ultimately align with the plans that you reasonably see for your life. This is a short term plan that will allow you to organize your thoughts of what you want and determine the actions that you must take to get there. This is in fact setting “working goals” to keep you encouraged prior to and after graduation.


Life if full of ups and downs but the happiest people are those who are truly determined to be happy no matter what! Regardless of where you are in your journey today, that does not have to dictate where you will end up! Make the choice to be more organized and truly embrace this time in our lives because in all actuality, this is a time, moment, and memories that we will never get back! Congratulations on your achievements and I look forward to seeing you on the other side!