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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

So you want to finish clinic on time? Part 1

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4 steps to finishing your requirements on time:

1. Be patient – Sometimes it can feel like you are not getting anything done and you will never be able to finish on time. When you first get to clinic, you will be doing a lot of treatment plans and sitting around. That will last for about a month and then you will start doing limited procedures. Do not concentrate on what other people are doing. There will always be people ahead and behind you. Also you will be doing a lot of waiting around for professors to come to you, you can only go as fast as they let you go so do not stress it.

2. Be in clinic everyday- Some days you want to just slack off and relax, you can save that for when you finish early. Students that spent most of their time in the student lounge or outside of school were not working effectively and most ended up staying after graduation. Even if you get a cancelation it does not mean you can go home. Stay at school and get things done (believe me there is always other things that have to be completed), for example tracking down professors to sign off on lab work.

3. Find patients yourself- Our first year in clinic we had radiology (what a perfect place to scout out new patients). I would take some x-rays and if I needed the patient I would ask them if they would like to continue treatment with me. Every patient said yes because they want to get the work done faster. But wait till after you take the x-rays before asking the patient. It streamlines the process and makes things easier for the patient. Do not pick up patients you do not need because it will just stress you out too much.

4. Take emergencies- I am not talking about the cementing a temp back on emergency (those are a waste of time). Remember this OS = Dentures, RCT = crowns. When you go to the OS clinic pick up the emergencies, these were the best patients because they didn’t have a student doctor, but they obviously needed dental work. I picked up two full over full cases from taking these emergencies. Toward the end of my senior year I had extra denture cases that I gave to my friends. Also if you are in the emergency clinic and the patient needs a RCT on a molar that equal a crown. Again streamline the process for the patient, if you make it easy to come back and get the crown they will do it. You will not only get a crown, but you are doing what is best for the patient because they are more likely to come back and get the crown, especially if you got them out of pain. There are always patients that need crowns that visit the endo clinic, go there and find your crowns.