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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

5 Tips for Interviewing

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Every year, around this time, dental students from around the nation collectively invest a great amount of time and money traveling and interviewing for residency positions. There is no doubt that it is a lengthy, time consuming and expensive process that many people find uncertain and unclear. However, the one thing you do want to be clear on is how to interview well.

As a student going through this process currently, I wish to share some advice that has been passed down to me from several of the recent graduates. 

1. Be on time. Even during the interview season, the residents are still working hard. Be respectful of their time and try to come just a little bit earlier. If you are going to be late, let them know. There is nothing wrong with asking for a contact number a few days prior to the interview, just in case you get lost or have any other type of emergency.

2. Review the program prior. Remember, residency interviews are an opportunity for the program residents and faculty to get to know you, but for you to also interview and get to know the program. Be sure to review information regarding the residency program prior to your interview so that you may ask the right questions during the interview. Interviewers like to see that you are actively interested in the program, and by asking more in depth questions based on your review of the program, this can definitely be achieved.

3. Interact with the other applicants. I cannot stress this enough. Although you are all competing for the same spots, you are all colleagues. Interviewers do not just listen, but they also watch. They will be spending considerable amounts of time with you, and they want to make sure you get a long well with others and are relatable.

4. Be sure to attend all of the interview “festivities”. Regardless of how comfortable you are with the program, you should always attend everything that is planned as part of the interview, from the socials the day before to the tour. If possible, come the day before and give yourself plenty of time. If you cannot do this, communicate with the program coordinators so that they may plan accordingly.

5. Thank everyone. From the residents to the program directors, from your interview colleagues to the program coordinator, be sure to thank them all for helping to give you the full interview experience. Many of the graduates that I spoke to have highly suggested following up with emails or even hand written thank-you cards within a week after the interview.\

I fully understand what a daunting experience interviewing can be; you really do not know what to expect. However, by following some of the tips above, you can at least be more certain that your interview will be much better.

Good luck.