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How to Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation

Information is spread throughout the internet with speed and ease. To foster positive growth and avoid negative online search results and reviews, you must learn to consistently and effectively manage your online reputation. Blogs, social networking, and directories are becoming increasingly popular in today’s “wired” society and provide ample opportunities for both positive and negative mentions on the Internet. Factual or false, this information can appear prominently in the search results when prospective patients are searching for services in your neighborhood. Negative results can present a significant challenge for any practice. Proactive reputation management, therefore, should be part of every dental practice’s marketing strategy.

Monitor Your Online Presence

The easiest way to evaluate your online reputation is to conduct a simple search. Type your name or your practice into a search engine, and read through blogs, reviews, articles, social networks, or other sites that mention you or your practice. This will give you a general idea of your online image and better inform you as to how much attention will be required to repair or step up your efforts. Monitoring your online image with basic searches should become a routine part of your online marketing strategy in order to maintain and work towards a positive online reputation.

In addition, you can effortlessly monitor your online reputation by signing up for Google and Yahoo! alerts. When a mention of your name is found on the Internet, you will receive a personalized e-mail notification that instantly apprises you of the information being circulated concerning your practice. Correspondingly, you can take immediate action if a problem should arise.  


Produce and Distribute Positive Messages

In order to prevent a flood of negative reviews and destructive content within the search results, you should proactively saturate the web with your own valuable content optimized for your practice and keywords. When you routinely provide your own information online, it can reflect positively on your practice. Though it will not remove the negative comments, the positive content will outrank the less appealing content in the search results.

Social networking, blogs, press releases, and articles are all great methods for increasing online awareness of your practice. Although these methods require a lot of time and energy, when implemented properly and consistently, they can enhance your web presence, build brand loyalty, and replace the harmful mentions about your practice with relevant, search-friendly information. 


Garner Positive Patient Reviews

Generating positive patient reviews is one final way to protect your online reputation. It comes as no surprise that poor ratings and bad reviews can detrimentally impact the success of your practice. As more and more patients seek out online ratings and reviews to help guide their oral health decisions, it becomes increasingly important to seek out some loyal customers who will happily submit positive feedback concerning your practice. Acquiring a few positive reviews a month via local directories can bring in new patients and improve your ranking in the search results. 

Comments made on the Internet can be instantly and indefinitely accessible to prospective patients searching for your services. Not all comments will be positive. In order to mitigate bad reviews in the search results, you will want to take proactive measures to ensure your online presence is in good standing. Monitoring the search results can be complicated and time consuming; therefore, you may want to consider outsourcing this task to a third-party professional. 

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